Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Rehab Hazgui

Rehab Hazgui

Little Italy

Rehab Hazgui is a Tunisian composer and sound ecologist. Her artworks explore ways to learn new forms of languages through conscious listening and the relationship that beings have with their culture, heritage, society and landscape as involved and living participants. Her research examines the ways in which sound emerges through dynamic landscapes, including those that are biological, geophysical, and of human consequences. Rehab Hazgui’s primary focus is the act of listening to oneself, as it relates to our perception of space, our relationship to it, and the profound level of engagement that our ears provide with the world.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Sebastian DeWay

Sebastian DeWay

Quartier Latin

Sebastian DeWay is a French-Canadian from Montreal who belongs to the generation of producer-performers who use a laptop as a musical instrument. Sebastian aims at creating a sense of immersion within the concert space with his dynamic pieces. He focuses on building innovative sounds in the house, trance, techno, and ambient subgenres.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Vie Sauvage

Vie Sauvage

North Shore

The French term “Vie Sauvage" (Véronique Roy) corresponds to all free and undomesticated forms of life. Each of these forms has its own way of communicating, meeting its needs, and its own survival instincts. This applies well to each human soul on this planet. Music is one of its many forms of communication, both simple and complex. The artist takes root in her love and profound respect for the fauna and flora.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Modulante Noturno

Modulante Noturno

Plateau Mont-Royal

Modulante Noturno (Camilo Mércio) is a Brazilian producer, musician, composer, and sound designer based in Montreal since 2022. He started as a bass and guitar player in the South Brazilian alternative scene. After playing with synths, he became a synth nerd. Nowadays, he focuses on performing live with modular synths and producing music and SFX for video games.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Damien


Plateau Mont-Royal

Damien has been involved with electronic music for over 20 years. As DJ M_, he has been mixing vinyl since the early 2000’s after he discovered techno in Germany. After moving to Montreal in 2009, he ran the Tonewerk parties with guest DJs and live electronic acts. As a DJ, he focuses on playing the most amazing tracks—all banger, no filler. Recently, he has been most active as a drum-machine/FX live performer with the Silicon Beats collective, who most recently played at SAT for Nuit Blanche.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Steffrey Yan

Steffrey Yan

Ville Marie

Steffrey Yan is a mythical techno producer from an alternate reality. People that have been enchanted by his music know that it is almost impossible to retain their mylohyoid muscle when his beats drop. Fierce techno creator Steffrey Yan is mostly a thoughtful jamboree companion that will guide you through your sonic exploration. Steffrey Yan · Thermodynamics, Vol. 1
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Nais Flavia

Nais Flavia

Plateau Mont-Royal

Nais Flavia is an underground DJ and Producer who has been in the music industry for 17 years. She is well known in the Montreal scene for her special and sought after Deep, Techno, minimal, and progressive sound. Her goal in her music is to give a new dimension to electronic music and to offer a unique musical experience. She started her career in 2005 with production and decided to expand her horizons.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist MOJO


Plateau Mont-Royal

MOJO (Joshua Wolinski) is a French DJ based in Montreal. He started to mix in 2020, but he has maintained an active interest in electronic music for a long time. He varies his style depending on the event, for instance, hard techno with La North, electro music with Infinite festival in Lima, and house music at the opening of the Original and disco with Hera. In 2023, MOJO founded CHROMA with friends to combine visual arts and electronic music through the medium of podcasts and events.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Nicola Torriero

Nicola Torriero

Ahuntsic - Cartierville

Nicola Torriero is a Montreal based DJ that has been active for over 30 years. He is best known as the founder of the Bal En Blanc event which he conceived in 1994. He subsequently went on to produce original material for the famous Black & Blue main event, and also for DiverCité Grande Danse. He has productions released on labels such as Stereo Productions, Lapsus Music and Magna Recordings.

Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist COACH



COACH (Ryan Kennedy) is an artist, producer, DJ, and drummer hailing from Montreal, Canada. He has held a deep love for music his entire life. He began DJing at age 15 in the confines of his bedroom and social events. In 2012, COACH found his calling within the underground rave scene in Montreal. His natural skills with rhythm and beat matching after years of reading crowds and combining tracks led to him becoming quickly well known as a DJ among ravers in Montreal.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Infiltr



Infiltr is a talented electronic music producer and DJ residing in Montreal. He started out in the club scene as a tech-house DJ, mixing rhythmic layers and building tension in his sets. After years of experience as a DJ, he decided to advance his craft by starting a fresh techno project. With his newfound understanding of music production and his already established DJ experience, he found a new way to explore and combine his tasteful, building beats with hard hitting bass lines and rich percussion.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist MOK-LESS


Notre Dame de Grace

MOK-LESS is a Montreal based artist, born and raised in Tunisia, North africa. He has been part of the local Techno scene since 2015. He contributes to the local scene by organising inclusive and underground events with other local artists and has played in established venues like Salon Daomé and other underground venues in Montreal. He is currently focusing on developing his producer side while he continues to bring a groovy dirty beat to the dance floor as a DJ.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist DeFrenza



Tony De Frenza is a DJ and music producer from Montreal, Canada who began his musical journey in 2019. His curated mixes cross old school 90s techno and house with modern artists. His style blends many genres and themes with long form transitions to create diverse musical sets with storied focuses. The music he produces blends tech, minimal, and other indie sounds. With his origins in raves he has also had the pleasure of mixing at venues such as Circus After Hours, Cabaret Berlin, and Club Pelicano.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist X-Cube



Active in 2001-2011 and now back in force in 2022! Passionate about music, X-Cube creates a musical map that from Deep House to House, Organic house, Tech House, Afro House, Funky House, Latin House, Progressive House, and Techno. Since 2001, he has made a name for himself in the electronic music scene as well as in Montreal’s nightlife sharing crazy parties with various local and international artists such as Josh Wink, Miss Kittin, Misstress Barbara, Thomas Krome, Alex Bau, Preach, Chris Liberator and Anton X.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist EM



EM is a Montréal based DJ with a vast background in music. Her relationship with music started at a very young age, when she could barely talk but could play the piano by ear. Later on she started learning music theory through singing and the violin. After discovering electronic music around the age of 12, EM effortlessly took to the decks and quickly found joy in seeing her friends smile as they traveled through the creation of her musical journeys.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Lost Bird

Lost Bird


Pier-Alex Ducharme has been in the electronic music scene for nearly 15 years. He started his career with the house music duo Nic & Peter. They quickly recieved support from major artists of the likes of Steve Angello (BBC RADIO1 ESSENTIAL MIX), Kryder, Sultan+Shepard and My Digital Enemy to name a few. The duo gained worldwide attention by releasing songs on labels like Cube Recordings, Housesession, and Hotfingers, which led them to tour the world and DJ in the best clubs in the world.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Parts Project

Parts Project


Leveraging Samplers, drum machines, synths, and loopers, Parts Project takes a live hardware approach to techno, soundsystem, and breakbeat culture. His sound is raw, warm, and crunchy with a satisfying humanity. Transmitting out of Montreal, Parts Project is always working on the next release and cultivating a constantly changing and evolving live set. See you at the show!
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist No Police

No Police

Plateau Mont-Royal

No Police invites rebellion through art as a fresh face in the Montreal scene. Listening to her hard-hitting and hedonistic track selections definitely hints at her adventurous mind, which highly influences her sound. Her mixing style attests to her curiosity for exploring the depths of the techno, acid, breaks, and trance genres. Through over a decade of consuming electronic music, she discovered artists that share a familiar sentiment of art as a means for collaboration.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist LAPS



LAPS, a Canadian and Swedish artist living in Montreal, has been spinning for more than 12 years as a DJ in the world of electronic music. Beginning in high school in private parties, after-proms, small events (etc.), his love and passion for electronic music has evolved over the years to finally come to two genres that shape him: Techno and Progressive. Having performed at many festivals such as Bal en Blanc, AIM, International des Montgolfières (etc.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Shelton Cooper

Shelton Cooper

Parc Extension

Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, Shelton Cooper is now based in Montreal, Canada since 2005. Shelton has been deeply involved with music production for almost a decade. His first official release was in 2010 on Mile End Records. His music genres range from deep and melodic house to a more upfront and driving techno, taking influences from artists such as Murk, Matthew Herbert, St Germain, Angel Moraes, Dixon, Robert Babicz, amongst many others.

Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Simbasol


Old Port

SIMBASŌL is an electronic music producer, performer, and recording artist from Montreal. Influeced by melodic house & techno, he uses hard-hitting baselines, groovy percussions, & four-dimensional synths to create soulful musical adventures.

Raised by dancing hippies, SIMBASŌL was dancing when he learned to walk. He grew up around the campfire with djembes and harmonicas, and he was exposed to a music-induced lifestyle that later became his passion.

Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Isabel Soto

Isabel Soto

Plateau Mont-Royal

Isabel Soto Isabel Soto is a Venezuelan, Montreal-based Music Producer and DJ. She is a resident of DifferentSound & Arder. She has released music on different VAs, original EPs and an LP on labels such as Dorian, DifferentSound, Diffuse Reality, Second State, Occultech Recordings and Concrete Tbilisi, as well as a remix on Concepto Hipnotico and another one on Dorian.

Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Dissembler


Plateau Mont-Royal

Dissembler is a production duo and hybrid live project—the brainchild of Stereo_IMG and Ossifer— specializing in high-powered cerebral techno. Created in 2021 out of a mutual appreciation for innovative production techniques, Dissembler sets feature 100% original (and primarily unreleased) sound material. Keep an eye out for upcoming EPs and performances as they continue to refine their sound and make their name in their adopted home of Montreal and beyond.

Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist The Holy

The Holy

Plateau Mont-Royal

Already gathering support from some of the industry’s most respected DJ’s such as Green Velvet, David Guetta, Benny Benassi, Steve Aoki, Meduza and many others, Montreal native The Holy, born Olivier Lamontagne, is quickly ascending to be the city’s next biggest DJ export! His unique avant-garde sound filled with 90’s industrial rave nostalgic undertones scored him gigs alongside acts such as Mall Grab, Franky Rizardo and Sofi Tukker early on in his time as a club DJ.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist THRDSQD


Little Italy

THRDSQD produces, records, and performs original electronic music compositions experimenting with plunderphonics, techno and post-digital ambient sonorities.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Markuss


Plateau Mont-Royal

Markuss is a French DJ based in Montreal. Passionate about electronic music since the age of 13 and inspired by his father, he projects his emotions through his music and constantly tries to tell you a story—his story. Based on his cultural journeys and visits through different countries and encounters that inspired him, he strives to tease the dancefloor. en Francais Markuss est un DJ Français installé à Montréal. Passionné de musique électronique depuis l’âge de 13 ans et inspiré par son père, il retranscrit ses émotions à travers sa musique et s’emploie à, constamment, vous raconter une histoire, son histoire.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Kaderito



Kaderito, aka “Le Zèbre,” is a rising artist in the Montreal electronic scene. This Parisian was quickly captivated by the electronic vibe of Montreal when he arrived in 2017. He started DJing three years ago, at the very beginning of the pandemic. Today, he shares his universe through his DJ sets ⚡️ House & Tech 👽 on his SoundCloud. He specializes in making crowds dance with grooves in House to the darker side of Techno leading to to Peak Techno.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist GOYA


Plateau Mont-Royal

GOYA is French-Canadian artist who has been active in the Montreal music scene for several years. It was in this North American city, renowned for its unique atmosphere, that he discovered a real passion for techno. Ardent about music from an early age, GOYA builds energetic sets with round and percussive sounds. His universe revolves around a clever mix of dark and euphoric sounds woven with bewitching vocals that leave an audience in a trance.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Mercutio


Ville Marie

Mercutio will make you dance to his music story. At a young age, the artist fell into music starting with funk, jazz, afro beat, and house, which led to a musical repertoire that activates the dance floor like no other. Living in an intercultural music environment, his sets have evolved to include techno, deep house, melodic house/techno, and more.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Milkē


Plateau Mont-Royal

DJ & music producer beginner MILKĒ, also known as Kemil, was born and raised in Venezuela and is now living in Montreal. His DJ career started 2 years ago: he spent a lot of time improving his mixing techniques and collecting music and started his podcast series “TCHN-00” through SoundCloud where he shares his techno tastes. He collaborated with local radios and podcasts such as Shift Radio and Lafaceb delivering solid Groovy Techno sets.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Nineyard


Plateau Mont-Royal

Originally from Paris, Π Ι Π Ξ Υ Λ Γ Ð is a dj and producer now based in Montreal. He is currently finishing his first EP which will be released in 2023. Passionate about music, he learned drums at the conservatory for seven years, then he dove into electronic music in the mid-2000s with the French touch 2.0 wave. When he arrived in Montreal he discovered the techno world and started listening to artists like Nicole Moudaber and Richie Hawtin.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Dark Lightz

Dark Lightz


Dark Lightz is a duo consisting of Ben Mancini and Highlanderz. They started working together in 2019 and created the “House Nation” group to host events and festivals, including the Burning Moon festival, which is now in its fourth year in Quebec. Ben Mancini started Mancini records and has been consistantly DJing and playing with international djs like DJ Gaga, Danny Tenaglia, Terry Kelly, and Todd Terry to name a few.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist HUMMER


Shaughnessy Village

HUMMER started his journey in the world of music since 2018 with enthusiasm and he will serve as much as he can, although he knows it never ends. He performs and produces Techno in raw, hypnotic, and peak-driving styles. He is also the founder of Montreal based “Technocidmtl” since 2021. He learned the routine, he learned the beats like rules, then he got to know how to break them to rule the dance floor.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Yorel


Plateau Mont-Royal

YOREL became enchanted by the Montreal scene when he arrived in 2020. Addicted to fast and underground electronic grooves, his selection of explosive tracks will make you live a whole new musical experience by transporting you in his dark, powerful, and energetic universe. In his techno sets, we recognize a catchy groove that he draws from his influences of Tech-House music, a style he is particularly fond of. As comfortable on 128 BPM as on 145 BPM, he knows how to adapt his style according to the atmosphere of the evening, and will propose different styles such as Afro Techno, Peak Techno, Acid Techno and Hypnotic Techno.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Zaidokhi


Notre Dame de Grace

Robotstyle Records label-boss Zaidokhi always tries to bring his listeners on a spiritual journey. His creative process lies in discovering the beautiful music hidden in the mundane sounds of his environment, hoping to not only explore the depths of his own mind, but also inspire people to shift their perspective and find the beauty all around them. Drawing from melodic house, techno, and afrotech styles, his productions and mixes create a dark and mysterious atmosphere with infectious grooves that drive the dancefloor.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist softcoresoft


Ville Marie

softcoresoft is an electronic music producer, DJ, and community organizer active since 2015. Her sound blends techno, acid, electro and trance.

She is an alumni of the RBMA Bass Camp Calgary (2019), has two Boiler Room shows under her belt (Toronto and Paris, the latter was not recorded) and a vinyl release on London-based label Lobster Theremin (Otherworlds EP, 2019).

Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Youg


Plateau Mont-Royal

Sounds with percussive colors, rhythms at the same time energetic and charged with sensitivity: these are the universe of YOUG. The human and sonic resonances that he carries—and that are dear to him—are felt during each performance as a reminder of these truculent moments. Winner of the Euterke 2021 scholarship as well as the acousmatic music performance competition organized by the Composition Circle of the University of Montreal, and currently a student in digital music at the University of Montreal, he approaches music and sound composition, as well as his LIVE performances, as a great laboratory of research and escape in which Techno and psychedelic music awaken the hidden meanings of sound frequencies.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Claire


Plateau Mont-Royal

Claire is DJ who loves to play, curating the vibe of the moment, transporting listeners to connect more deeply within themselves and others on the dance floor.

She is a musician who captures and manipulates sounds using microphones, field recorders, synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, piano, voice, DIY instruments, and effects pedals, and transforms them into music.

Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist D Lyfe

D Lyfe


D.Lyfe is a Montreal-based DJ that has been curating high energy and emotional sets for the past few years. With a main style centering around techno, he blends melodies with peak-driving styles to create a unique voyage for his listeners. He started his journey by mixing in private parties and is now booked in various events and bars throughout Montreal.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Dj Sylver

Dj Sylver


DJ Sylver’s first performances on turnables exploded in the 1990’s. This energetic artist made his name on the night scene by spinning in rave events and by popularising electronic music through radio (CJRA). More and more bewitched by rhythm, DJ Sylver is a versatile Montreal musician who defines his art as hard-line raw techno spiced with a propellant beat, a smooth finish, and a spirit of trance and movement. Abandon yourself to a hard house, electro, techno adventure through DJ Sylver’s raw techno creations and ingenious turntables skill.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Dark 909

Dark 909

Chomedy (Laval)

Dark 909 (Alex) is a rising DJ and producer in the techno and house music scene. With a passion for electronic music, he has honed his craft and is building a reputation for his unique sound and high-energy music. He has begun releasing his own original tracks and remixes, characterized by its experimental and raw sound, yet with a focus on creating groovy and melodic beats. Explore his music and keep an eye out for his upcoming gigs and be sure to experience his electrifying sound in person.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist SimWou



SimWou (Simon Wouters) started DJing a couple of years ago. He is now focusing on finding his sound and color through music production. He experiments without boundaries and between genres.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Dantronix


Saint Michel

Dantronix is a Cambodian DJ, Producer, and Remixer based in Montreal. Dantronix produces music in multiple genres that vokes different emotions such as power, banger- and hype-vibes, and fun. He has collaborated with many artists in Cambodia and other artists worldwide. He has garnered fans across Southeast Asia who enjoy his unique style. Dantronix is known for his unique style: hard rave. His music will make you feel like you are going to space—your body will move to the beat with energy.


Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Barbossa


Plateau Mont-Royal

Barbossa, formerly known as Blizzarts, is a small popular liquor bar and dance floor in the heart of the plateau on the popular St. Laurent street. The venue frequently books excellent DJs with styles that vary between nostalgic and newly remixed disco-house tracks, classic house, techno, and even live jazz on Monday nights. The bar area has some nice, candlelit booths for groups and a nice bar for ordering a variety of drinks.