Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Urubu


Plateau Mont-Royal

URUBU, a young French-Brazilian producer, started in 2019—the year he graduated in electroacoustic composition in Montreal. The URUBU project originated from a need to share his adventures and feel like the hero of his own film. He is influenced by the 2000’s subculture with its strong aesthetic, and his compositions draw inspiration from all the musical and cinematographic works of this generation. In all its forms, electronic music is a central part of his life.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist TSF


Petite Italie

With a deep appreciation of field recording, urbanity waves and sound design, TSF (TomA Sound Factory) is a digital music producer heated by electronic hybridization tinged with Nusoul Trip-hop and Electronica. His music is always an engaging trip through tones and textures. Representing Petite Italie in Montréal, TSF has established himself as sound designer and film composer. Within the label Unlog, which distributes his music, he animates the evenings of electronic musical improvisation with Silicon Beats, an expressive and performative digital artistic collective.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Kanatonik


Plateau Mont-Royal

Korina, better known as DJ Kanatonik, made her debut behind the decks over two years ago alongside her collective “la Pingouinerie” with whom she organizes multiple cultural events in Montreal. Having always had a love for music, she has found her way as a DJ artist in the Quebec scene. Distinguishing herself by her versatility and her exploration of genres, she makes you live a brand new musical experience at each performance.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Claire


Plateau Mont-Royal

Claire is DJ who loves to play, curating the vibe of the moment, transporting listeners to connect more deeply within themselves and others on the dance floor.

She is a musician who captures and manipulates sounds using microphones, field recorders, synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, piano, voice, DIY instruments, and effects pedals, and transforms them into music.

Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Dj Sylver

Dj Sylver


DJ Sylver’s first performances on turnables exploded in the 1990’s. This energetic artist made his name on the night scene by spinning in rave events and by popularising electronic music through radio (CJRA). More and more bewitched by rhythm, DJ Sylver is a versatile Montreal musician who defines his art as hard-line raw techno spiced with a propellant beat, a smooth finish, and a spirit of trance and movement. Abandon yourself to a hard house, electro, techno adventure through DJ Sylver’s raw techno creations and ingenious turntables skill.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist SEJA


Place des Arts

SEJA was born and raised in France and grew up in the Parisian clubs (Gambetta Club, Rouge Pigalle, 45 Tours, Panic Room). Today in Montreal, he has created his own collective UNE MINUTE DE PLUS that he plays wiht in many clubs, bars, and well known venues in Montreal (La Casona, Bar le Ritz, Theatre Saint James, Bar Grenade, Palais des Congrès, and so forth). He is also a music producer and has released several tracks under his former alias Racine on labels like Nymphonie Records or Ghost Of The Shelf


Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Newspeak


The Village

NEWSPEAK is an electronic music club with a dark and intimate environment. During the pandemic, the venue upgraded its already good sound system to a set of 4 rebuilt Turbosound TFL 760H’s with 6 large subwoofers. Put simply, the sound hits HARD in this venue. Along with the sound, the venue is known for its impressive light system and most importantly, the quality of the artists it books.

Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Velvet


Old Port

After you walk through a long, catacomb cobblestone tunnel, you’ll walk into an intimate and stylish club with an impressive sound and light system. Velvet prides itself for creating a close, sweaty vibe with a mixture of techno, house, electro, and pop music. The building that houses Velvet, the historic Auberge Saint-Gabriel, has been around since 1754. It is one of the oldest buildings in Montreal, and you’ll definitely feel the history as you descend into the catacomb-inspired club.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist La Salon Daomé

La Salon Daomé

Plateau Mont-Royal

La Salon Daomé is loungelike nightclub with a roster of international and local DJs, producers, and live electronic music performers. You can expect to hear new and underground music from well-established and emerging artists alike. Be sure to check the website for events as some nights require advance ticket purchases.