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MTL Electronic Music is a database and community of local electronic music artists based in Montréal, QC. We aim to accomplish three primary goals: (1) To promote local electronic music made by Montréal artists, (2) To facilitate collaborative education, and (3) To encourage collaboration. We aim to augment and further promote music distributed by pre-existing labels and other distribution channels in Montréal. We feature local producers, DJs, educators, and live performers on this page, highlight and review exciting events, and promote new releases and DJ sets.


MTL Electronic Music aims to elevate local Montreal artists and promote artist discovery. The internet has created a globalized environment that allows us to hear music from all over the world. But sometimes, this interconnectedness has reduced the power and focus of local music. We aim to reinvigorate the discovery of local artists by pointing the internet back into what matters most: our local communities!


MTL Electronic Music promotes music made by local Montréal artists in two major ways:

  1. MTL Electronic Music hosts a list of local electronic music artists that are categorized into Montréal neighborhoods, electronic music subgenres, and types (producer, DJ, live performer, educator, etc.). Each artist has a page on If you’re an artist and would like a profile, please fill out the form linked above. Artist profiles are automatically linked to blog posts and other content so fans can discover their favorite artists and music.

  2. Every music producer has their own community that they share music with. MTL Electronic Music seeks to enlarge these individual communities by further connecting them. We are label agnostic and post artists that produce techno, house, and everything in between!


MTL Electronic Music aims to elevate local artists through education and collaboration. One local producer might have a deep understanding of sound design, while another might know more about music theory. Both could advance their art by learning from each another. Discover an artist, then reach out through their contact links!

You can also connect on Discord and or message @mtlelectronicmusic on Instagram and we will work to connect you.


MTL Electronic Music encompasses several platforms listed below. To help promote the artists featured by MTL Electronic Music, tag your post with @mtlelectronicmusic and use the #mtlelectronicmusic hashtag. The collective currently encompasses the following platforms (Instagram is the most active currently):


Instagram: @mtlelectronicmusic

Discord: MTL Electronic Music


Facebook: Facebook Message

Twitter: MTL Electronic Music

Join the Team!

We am looking for additional help: contact us on Instagram if you have skills with webdesign, marketing, producing, composing, or anything else that might help the cause. And if you are at a cool event that features local electronic musicians or their music, tag @mtlelectronicmusic in your instagram story, post, and reels to help spread the word.

#madeinmontreal #supportlocalartists

Now, go discover some local Montreal artists and read about events on our blog!

Art and logos by Montréal artist Jaikay