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Notre Dame de Grace

wrazen.hell (Eric Wrazen) is a multidisciplinary creator based in Montreal, Canada. He produces a wide range of content for music performance, theatre, and multi-media, where he usually focuses on themes of darkness and horror. Eric was a frequent performer in the early harsh noise scene in Montreal in the duo Feedback Cowboys, has contributed music to various theatrical productions, and is a member of Montreal’s “least recognized, most underground band": the Balloon Marsupials.
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Plateau Mont-Royal

MOJO (Joshua Wolinski) is a French DJ based in Montreal. He started to mix in 2020, but he has maintained an active interest in electronic music for a long time. He varies his style depending on the event, for instance, hard techno with La North, electro music with Infinite festival in Lima, and house music at the opening of the Original and disco with Hera. In 2023, MOJO founded CHROMA with friends to combine visual arts and electronic music through the medium of podcasts and events.
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Manuel Falardeau


Manuel Falardeau is a DJ that focuses on Indie House music. He is inspired by the generative art and sonic details of everyday sampling in Montreal. His performances are energetic, versatile, and vibrant. Français Manuel Falardeau est un DJ/Producer oeuvrant dans la musique Indie House. Ses inspirations sont tirées de l’art génératif est des détails sonores qu’offre le sampling de la vie de tous les jours à Montréal. Ses performances sont énergiques, polyvalentes et vibrantes.
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Notre Dame de Grace

FSK1138 (Donald Baynes) is a producer and live electronic instrumentalist who defies the conventional boundaries of electronic music. With a captivating presence on platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud, FSK1138 has built a dedicated following of fans eager to embark on a sonic journey into the uncharted realms of experimental electronic music. Armed with an insatiable curiosity and a relentless desire to innovate, FSK1138 fearlessly ventures into unexplored territories, constantly challenging the preconceptions of what electronic music can be.
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Plateau Mont-Royal

Korina, better known as DJ Kanatonik, made her debut behind the decks over two years ago alongside her collective “la Pingouinerie” with whom she organizes multiple cultural events in Montreal. Having always had a love for music, she has found her way as a DJ artist in the Quebec scene. Distinguishing herself by her versatility and her exploration of genres, she makes you live a brand new musical experience at each performance.
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Alcky (Matthew Alquisada-Mansoori) discovered his love for electronic music at the age of 17 when he saw Duke Dumont at Osheaga. His journey skyrocketed in Hong Kong in 2021 as he toured throughout the region, which allowed him to gain experience and confidence. His goal is to allow individuals to enjoy his musical style—a mix of melodic techno and afro house—in a way that allows them to interpret and feel it in their own ways.
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Plateau Mont-Royal

cormort is a DJ and event organizer active since 2016. Raised on the $outh $hore between bourgeoisie and modesty, rap has always accompanied her. Now established in Montreal for more than 5 years, the metropolis has impacted her rhythm, sound, and energy. These elements have become part of her life and performances. Wandering between Rap, Trap, Dark Trap, Grime, Dub, Deep Dub, Dubstep and Riddim, she also likes to explore Drum and Bass, Techno, Hyperpop, and RnB.