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Old Port

Can you imagine growing up on a tour bus and not becoming a DJ?! mica (Micah Sullivan) is a musician who brings unique, eclectic sounds that subvert expectations, while he also plays with familiarity to create a musical experience everyone can identify with. mica’s childhood was spent playing drums in a family band and touring North America on the road. His percussive inclination and blend of influences direct his style from Disco to Latin, Afro, Gospel, Soul, break beats and House classics.
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Bolarinho is an electronic music DJ and producer active in the scene since 2015. He stands out with his very groovy sound & his unique beard that brings us back to the beautiful Disco era! Bolarinho est un DJ et producteur de musique électronique actif sur la scène depuis 2015. Il se démarque par sa sonorité très groovy & sa barbe mystique qui nous transporte à la belle époque du Disco !
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Oli Vez


Oli Vez (Olivier Vézina) is a DJ who has been influenced by jazz, hip-hop, and worldbeat since his childhood, where this music occupied a precious part of the time at home. Passionated by electronic music for more than 16 years, Oli Vez is often among the first on the dancefloor and among the last few remaining at the end. His rich history enables him to curate the right music for any kind of moment during the day or the night.
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Place des Arts

SEJA was born and raised in France and grew up in the Parisian clubs (Gambetta Club, Rouge Pigalle, 45 Tours, Panic Room). Today in Montreal, he has created his own collective UNE MINUTE DE PLUS that he plays wiht in many clubs, bars, and well known venues in Montreal (La Casona, Bar le Ritz, Theatre Saint James, Bar Grenade, Palais des Congrès, and so forth). He is also a music producer and has released several tracks under his former alias Racine on labels like Nymphonie Records or Ghost Of The Shelf