Progressive Techno

Progressive Techno

Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Gio-Z


Little Italy

Musician, producer, DJ, and sound engineer George Zeitoun, GIO-z started his career as a commercial pop music DJ in 2003. He spent a few years as a resident DJ in many nightclubs in Syria, Lebanon, and Qatar. He performed many big and small gigs as a main or opening DJ in those countries. After moving to Montreal in 2019, he has brought the same to Montreal. Gio-Z developed his style by harmonizing several music cultures and combining them into cohesive tracks.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Blake Walker

Blake Walker

Old Port

Blake’s productions are a balanced blend of progressive rhythms, techno basslines, and melodic breakdowns. He has released on Labels such as Superordinate, Mistique, and Clinique. From short to extended sets, he understands what needs to be done and performs accordingly with his own personal touch. His love for atmospheric, hypnotic, and driving elements are well reflected in his musical storytelling.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Kolophane


Mile End

Kolophane (Eve Vaisberg) is a student by day and DJ and producer by night. She dreams of becoming a recognized artist that defends women in the music industry. Her style elevates progressive house and melodic techno by unifying the sparkling energy of electronically synthesized and sampled sounds with harmonious and emotional symphonic instruments. Kolophane has been passionate about music for over 10 years. She has experience playing the piano, cello, and regularly sings.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Youg


Plateau Mont-Royal

Sounds with percussive colors, rhythms at the same time energetic and charged with sensitivity: these are the universe of YOUG. The human and sonic resonances that he carries—and that are dear to him—are felt during each performance as a reminder of these truculent moments. Winner of the Euterke 2021 scholarship as well as the acousmatic music performance competition organized by the Composition Circle of the University of Montreal, and currently a student in digital music at the University of Montreal, he approaches music and sound composition, as well as his LIVE performances, as a great laboratory of research and escape in which Techno and psychedelic music awaken the hidden meanings of sound frequencies.