Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist OSSA PROJECT


Plateau Mont-Royal

OSSA (story/tale in Arabic) project is an electronic duo based in Montreal. The duo is composed of Lebanese-Canadian multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Nadim Souaid and Syrian-Canadian multi-instrumentalist and producer Firas Nassri. The duo mixes layers of vintage synthesizers with upbeat rhythms to create music reminiscent of the best work of DARKSIDE or David August. The duo has been a part of Montreal’s electronic scene for many years and grew up on the sound blues and psychedelic rock.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Game Genie Sokolov

Game Genie Sokolov


Game Genie Sokolov, first name Adelaide, is a multifaceted and complex artist, who oscillates between chiptune, synthwave, synthpop, and vaporwave. She is, among other things, a drag queen, gaymers, software engineer, radio host, and music composer. Her music and sounds continually transforms as she evolves in her search for new sounds and her identity.
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Notre Dame de Grace

ScuudExclamationMark is Jérôme E., a french- Canadian multi-instrumentalist that has played music since he was 5. His trajectory is multi-faceted: he began as a drummer in a metal band, became a guitarist-singer in a rock cover band, drummed in a math-rock band, and he is now making Synthwave and Sovietwave on his own. He enjoys blending retro sounds and with warm ambiances. His live performances include light shows and electric guitar.