Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Raff


Ville St-Laurent

Producer, musician, and songwriter Raff can be seen around town playing drums, keyboards, guitar and bass, and under various names with live electronic performance setups that have him occasionally dubbed the “Mad Scientist.” As a veteran of the studio and stage, he has performed with Tony Ezzy, Lost City, Chanda M and many other acts over the years, including performances at the Osheaga festival, the Fringe festival, Pop Montreal and as an opening act for Blowfly.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Game Genie Sokolov

Game Genie Sokolov


Game Genie Sokolov, first name Adelaide, is a multifaceted and complex artist, who oscillates between chiptune, synthwave, synthpop, and vaporwave. She is, among other things, a drag queen, gaymers, software engineer, radio host, and music composer. Her music and sounds continually transforms as she evolves in her search for new sounds and her identity.