Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist arc



arc is comprised of Indo-Canadian musician Stephen (The Venk) Venkatarangam (modular/semi-modular synths, granular samplers, plucked strings and effected flute and voice), Annabelle Brault (modular/semi-modular analog synths, granular effects and, sequencers), and Adrian Aitken (digital drums). The three came together in 2018 with the intent to create improvised music that is not only in conversation with one another, but one between humans and organic technology. The group is inspired by the power of group improvisation coupled with the controlled unpredictability of modular synthesis, traditional instruments, and other electronic technology.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Tangled Waves

Tangled Waves

Plateau Mont-Royal

Tangled Waves is a live audiovisual duo formed in London now based in Montreal. Their work explores experimental, melodic and progressive modular synthesis that are immersed in real-time, hand-drawn and organic digital visuals. Tangled Waves is a one-of-a-kind experience, where fantasy, imagination, and oneirism take the center stage. Their debut album, Signal from VALIS, inspired from sci-fi classics, was released in May 2020. Their second album, Space (April 2022), gathers materials from their live performances for Modular World, Data Cult Audio, and the Colorado Modular Synth Society Skies collection.
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Dirzu (Anthony Dirzu) is a 22 years old producer and DJ based in Montreal. Dirzu began his music journey with the trumpet, which he played from age 10–17. Thereafter, at the age of 18, Dirzu turned his attention to electronic music, DJing, and producing. He focuses on producing Latin inspired Tech House that draws from his Latin American background. Dirzu’s tracks are gaining widescale attention: one of his collaborations with Montreal producer and DJ Horla was recently played by Malóne at Space Miami on July 22nd 2023.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Guy Pelletier

Guy Pelletier

Mercier Ouest

Guy Pelletier creates avant-garde miscegenerative music comprised of classical, ancient, and traditionnal music styles with jazz, rock, and electroacoustic influences. He uses non-4/4 meters and plays with non equal tempered tuning systems. His music is polytonal and polymetric, humorous and agressive, intense and profound. Guy Pelletier’s music is intricate and well crafted to convey a sense of primeval, instinctive immediacy. En Francais Métissage d’avant-garde entre musique classique, musique ancienne et traditionnelle, jazz, rock, et musique électronique.
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_KIDD is an electronic music project created by Alex Kidd, a Brazilian producer, musician, and composer based in Montreal. His intention is to transport you to stellar ambiences and dark corners with authentic experimentalism that he crafts with semi-modular synthesizers. He will invite you to travel with your senses and feelings through his rich soundscapes. _KIDD has 6 EPS released independently and also keep a YouTube channel that features electronic live jams.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Sebastian DeWay

Sebastian DeWay

Quartier Latin

Sebastian DeWay is a French-Canadian from Montreal who belongs to the generation of producer-performers who use a laptop as a musical instrument. Sebastian aims at creating a sense of immersion within the concert space with his dynamic pieces. He focuses on building innovative sounds in the house, trance, techno, and ambient subgenres.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Mystic Path

Mystic Path

Notre Dame de Grace

Mystic Path is DJ & Producer based in Montreal. He is known for his unique Minimal and Techno style. He attracts an audience of enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. Recently, he shared the decks with a lot of International underground DJs. For Mystic Path, it is all about mood and a melodic, hypnotic techno sound. He likes to play tracks that get you tapping your feet and nodding your head without you realizing it, regardless of genre, tempo, style, or release date.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Inmigrante Ruido

Inmigrante Ruido

Plateau Mont-Royal

Inmigrante Ruido is a combination of dub elements, down tempo, ambient, and space rock. Daniel Alvarado—from Mexico City—is the heart and mind behind the project. His sound is the result of experimentation in genres such as progressive trance and chill out. He is also a member of the Molk Sonca project with whom he has released the album Iluekaima for the Uxmal records label.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Modulante Noturno

Modulante Noturno

Plateau Mont-Royal

Modulante Noturno (Camilo Mércio) is a Brazilian producer, musician, composer, and sound designer based in Montreal since 2022. He started as a bass and guitar player in the South Brazilian alternative scene. After playing with synths, he became a synth nerd. Nowadays, he focuses on performing live with modular synths and producing music and SFX for video games.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Nix Roenga

Nix Roenga

Parc Extension

Nix Roenga (Umberto Cirrito) studied at the music conservatory in Tangier (Morocco) at the end of the 60s. He gave up out of boredom, but continued to explore sound with the piano in its physicality, the strings, the natural reverb, and the table. In Quebec he participates in several experimental music groups without leaving the rehearsal room. En Francais Après des études au conservatoire de musique à tanger (Maroc) fin années 60.
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Julie/Anne, a passionate music lover and a very talented emerging artist from the Montreal underground music scene. She was inspired by her encounter with underground progressive house and techno. Her experience with this music brought her in 2015 to get into DJing, which she pursued through self-education and by following her strong intuitions and musical senses. As 2020 turned into a nightmare for many of us, Julie/Anne rose to the occasion, leaving an indelible mark in music lovers’ hearts.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Steffrey Yan

Steffrey Yan

Ville Marie

Steffrey Yan is a mythical techno producer from an alternate reality. People that have been enchanted by his music know that it is almost impossible to retain their mylohyoid muscle when his beats drop. Fierce techno creator Steffrey Yan is mostly a thoughtful jamboree companion that will guide you through your sonic exploration. Steffrey Yan · Thermodynamics, Vol. 1
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Liam Killen

Liam Killen

Mile End

Liam Killen is a Montreal native electronic music producer, live performer, and educator. He is most notable for his online presence and impact on the electronic music community through his performative and educational content. He works in collaboration with some of the most notable related companies in the game, including PlayDifferently, Teenage Engineering, Korg, Roland, Arturia, and Elektron to name a few. Liam is an independent artist who’s now expanding his horizons as a live performer in the Montreal electronic music scene and abroad.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist OSSA PROJECT


Plateau Mont-Royal

OSSA (story/tale in Arabic) project is an electronic duo based in Montreal. The duo is composed of Lebanese-Canadian multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Nadim Souaid and Syrian-Canadian multi-instrumentalist and producer Firas Nassri. The duo mixes layers of vintage synthesizers with upbeat rhythms to create music reminiscent of the best work of DARKSIDE or David August. The duo has been a part of Montreal’s electronic scene for many years and grew up on the sound blues and psychedelic rock.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Alexa Momtaz

Alexa Momtaz

Plateau Mont-Royal

Alexa Momtaz was born in Montreal in 1968 to an Egyptian father and a French mother. Her musical debut began with Skull Fracture, a trio formed by her brother and his friend. They made and played their music on university radio stations and have had numerous performances in alternative clubs in the 90s. Alexa has been a soloist since 1998. Her musical genre varies, from electronic mixed with classical, to new-age and experimental industrial.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist ULLIK


The Village

ULLIK (Jules Brisset) is a French Canadian producer based in Montreal. He made his start in music producing house and mid tempo beats before finding his recognizable ’ethereal’ sound that he applies to multiple genres. Authenticity and emotional depth are at the heart of ULLIK’s musical approach. His talent has been recognized through his song productions that have been played at the unmissable FW’s of Vancouver and Paris (2018–2019). He has had several records supported by major names in the music industry and always works for the love of music.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Nais Flavia

Nais Flavia

Plateau Mont-Royal

Nais Flavia is an underground DJ and Producer who has been in the music industry for 17 years. She is well known in the Montreal scene for her special and sought after Deep, Techno, minimal, and progressive sound. Her goal in her music is to give a new dimension to electronic music and to offer a unique musical experience. She started her career in 2005 with production and decided to expand her horizons.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Manuel Falardeau

Manuel Falardeau


Manuel Falardeau is a DJ that focuses on Indie House music. He is inspired by the generative art and sonic details of everyday sampling in Montreal. His performances are energetic, versatile, and vibrant. Français Manuel Falardeau est un DJ/Producer oeuvrant dans la musique Indie House. Ses inspirations sont tirées de l’art génératif est des détails sonores qu’offre le sampling de la vie de tous les jours à Montréal. Ses performances sont énergiques, polyvalentes et vibrantes.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Careless


Plateau Mont-Royal

Careless (Raphael Perron) is a 23 years old producer and DJ based Montreal. He moved to Montreal after living in different cities around the province of Quebec and in Europe. He started playing piano at the age of 3 years old, before focusing on guitar at the age of 10. After taking part of different projects in the music industry, Careless decided to focus more on music production. After many releases, his songs are supported by renowned DJs like Telykast.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Maxvei


Old Port

Maxvei is a DJ and producer from Montreal, whose unique blend of Deep House, Afro House, and Afro-Tech has captured the hearts and minds of music lovers everywhere. His passion for electronic music began in 2006 when he was introduced to the underground house scene at Montreal’s famous Stereo Nightclub. Inspired by legends such as Victor Calderone, Chus & Ceballos, Danny Tenaglia and DJ Vibe, Maxvei honed his skills and developed his own sound.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Raff


Ville St-Laurent

Producer, musician, and songwriter Raff can be seen around town playing drums, keyboards, guitar and bass, and under various names with live electronic performance setups that have him occasionally dubbed the “Mad Scientist.” As a veteran of the studio and stage, he has performed with Tony Ezzy, Lost City, Chanda M and many other acts over the years, including performances at the Osheaga festival, the Fringe festival, Pop Montreal and as an opening act for Blowfly.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist COACH



COACH (Ryan Kennedy) is an artist, producer, DJ, and drummer hailing from Montreal, Canada. He has held a deep love for music his entire life. He began DJing at age 15 in the confines of his bedroom and social events. In 2012, COACH found his calling within the underground rave scene in Montreal. His natural skills with rhythm and beat matching after years of reading crowds and combining tracks led to him becoming quickly well known as a DJ among ravers in Montreal.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist SHADYA



Shadya is a DJ, producer, and resident for Tempio Nero Night in Montreal. She is the founder and Label manager for Chez.kito.kat records since 2006 and has been involved in music through writing lyrics and poetry since 1996. She was part of the electro-synth pop band Beat For Sale as a singer and performer (2006–2014). At the same time, she toured as an artist in France, Canada, and USA. Her mixing explores the dark side of the techno.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Gio-Z


Little Italy

Musician, producer, DJ, and sound engineer George Zeitoun, GIO-z started his career as a commercial pop music DJ in 2003. He spent a few years as a resident DJ in many nightclubs in Syria, Lebanon, and Qatar. He performed many big and small gigs as a main or opening DJ in those countries. After moving to Montreal in 2019, he has brought the same to Montreal. Gio-Z developed his style by harmonizing several music cultures and combining them into cohesive tracks.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Infiltr



Infiltr is a talented electronic music producer and DJ residing in Montreal. He started out in the club scene as a tech-house DJ, mixing rhythmic layers and building tension in his sets. After years of experience as a DJ, he decided to advance his craft by starting a fresh techno project. With his newfound understanding of music production and his already established DJ experience, he found a new way to explore and combine his tasteful, building beats with hard hitting bass lines and rich percussion.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist DeFrenza



Tony De Frenza is a DJ and music producer from Montreal, Canada who began his musical journey in 2019. His curated mixes cross old school 90s techno and house with modern artists. His style blends many genres and themes with long form transitions to create diverse musical sets with storied focuses. The music he produces blends tech, minimal, and other indie sounds. With his origins in raves he has also had the pleasure of mixing at venues such as Circus After Hours, Cabaret Berlin, and Club Pelicano.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist X-Cube



Active in 2001-2011 and now back in force in 2022! Passionate about music, X-Cube creates a musical map that from Deep House to House, Organic house, Tech House, Afro House, Funky House, Latin House, Progressive House, and Techno. Since 2001, he has made a name for himself in the electronic music scene as well as in Montreal’s nightlife sharing crazy parties with various local and international artists such as Josh Wink, Miss Kittin, Misstress Barbara, Thomas Krome, Alex Bau, Preach, Chris Liberator and Anton X.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Lost Bird

Lost Bird


Pier-Alex Ducharme has been in the electronic music scene for nearly 15 years. He started his career with the house music duo Nic & Peter. They quickly recieved support from major artists of the likes of Steve Angello (BBC RADIO1 ESSENTIAL MIX), Kryder, Sultan+Shepard and My Digital Enemy to name a few. The duo gained worldwide attention by releasing songs on labels like Cube Recordings, Housesession, and Hotfingers, which led them to tour the world and DJ in the best clubs in the world.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Sidney C Nadon

Sidney C Nadon


Sidney Nadon, who could have been a poor comedian, is a composer-producer that navigates genres fluidily. His eclectic music, flexibility, and ability to create an authentic sound in a variety of genres make him a formidable artist. His remix of Nine inch Nails’ My Violent Heart, which flirts with Euro Trash and 90s chip tunes, was described by Trent Reznor as “super gay and super great!” Last year, Sidney C. Nadon launched open mic nights for live electronic music.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Parts Project

Parts Project


Leveraging Samplers, drum machines, synths, and loopers, Parts Project takes a live hardware approach to techno, soundsystem, and breakbeat culture. His sound is raw, warm, and crunchy with a satisfying humanity. Transmitting out of Montreal, Parts Project is always working on the next release and cultivating a constantly changing and evolving live set. See you at the show!
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Urubu


Plateau Mont-Royal

URUBU, a young French-Brazilian producer, started in 2019—the year he graduated in electroacoustic composition in Montreal. The URUBU project originated from a need to share his adventures and feel like the hero of his own film. He is influenced by the 2000’s subculture with its strong aesthetic, and his compositions draw inspiration from all the musical and cinematographic works of this generation. In all its forms, electronic music is a central part of his life.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Bryan Wolf Ear

Bryan Wolf Ear

Plateau Mont-Royal

As the driving force behind Strange Town Recordings, Bryan Wolf Ear is a champion of the underground. Under his guidance, the label is responsible for introducing some of the brightest up and coming names in progressive house music. It is a well-established imprint and leading the charts for Canada’s Progressive House scene. For over 20 years, Bryan has honed his craft as a DJ where he has performed alongside artists Booka Shade, Miss Melera, Pole Folder and Isolée, and Jody Wisternoff.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Blake Walker

Blake Walker

Old Port

Blake’s productions are a balanced blend of progressive rhythms, techno basslines, and melodic breakdowns. He has released on Labels such as Superordinate, Mistique, and Clinique. From short to extended sets, he understands what needs to be done and performs accordingly with his own personal touch. His love for atmospheric, hypnotic, and driving elements are well reflected in his musical storytelling.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Bolarinho



Bolarinho is an electronic music DJ and producer active in the scene since 2015. He stands out with his very groovy sound & his unique beard that brings us back to the beautiful Disco era! Bolarinho est un DJ et producteur de musique électronique actif sur la scène depuis 2015. Il se démarque par sa sonorité très groovy & sa barbe mystique qui nous transporte à la belle époque du Disco !
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist URICKAIM



Aimeric Legault-Stockli, better known under the pseudonym of Urickaim, is a young Canadian who began his career as a DJ in 2015. Following his debut, he refined his skills as a composer and undertook studies in the field of music recording. In 2019, Urickaim was awarded the Carl Horton Mention of Excellence from the Recording Arts Canada school in Montreal following his graduation. Towards the end of 2021, he announced the opening of his own recording studio and began to offer singers, composers and artists of all genres the chance to realize their artistic projects.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Horla


Plateau Mont-Royal

Born and raised in the multicultural city of Montreal, DJ & Producer Horla aims to evoke emotions and share his infectious energy through his performances. Blending deep, organic, and textural frequencies to old school grooves, Horla’s versatility will bring you all around the globe in the same evening. Having played overseas while mastering his craft during countless sets in his hometown, Horla aspires to build an inclusive and open-minded community. His favorite quote, “Great DJs play music you didn’t know you wanted to hear,” pushes him to curate a unique catalog of tracks.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Dexter Crowe

Dexter Crowe

Plateau Mont-Royal

Australian-born & Montreal-based artist Dexter Crowe is a producer and DJ with an inimitable sound cut from the cloth of global dance experiences. His sound journeys effortlessly through an array of styles, built upon a foundation of infectious groove, touching melodies, and soul-soothing basslines. His signature selections draw from the space between light and dark, joy and release, emotion and sensation. Through a deep commitment to the grassroots artistic community, Dexter is a vital pillar of the Montreal underground scene.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Kridelka


Ville Marie

Kridelka is a Belgian and French producer and DJ. From his early exploration of Ableton in the early 2010s in New York city to his development in Brussels and then Montreal, Kridelka has maintained a strong affinity for underground house and techno sonorities. Most recently, he has been working on the convergence of Disco House with more old-school 303 textures. His major release, Funk Trip, really expands on this vision and was well received by listeners.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Forrest


Plateau Mont-Royal

With a strong vision and aesthetic, Forrest curates a broad mix of dance floor tones, distinctive vocals, and mesmerizing lyrics, which has resonated amongst his peers, from heavyweights Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, Solomun, Seth Troxler, Cajmere & Dennis Ferrer.

Having toured throughout the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Russia, France, Turkey, Austria, Ukraine & Switzerland, the Montreal frontman quickly secured his name by turning in an impressive catalogue of quality releases

Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Turbine


Plateau Mont-Royal

Turbine was born from the common desire of Ben, Tony, and Nico to unite turntablism and bass music. Originally from France, they met in Montreal and shared these two passions of turntablism and saturated beats. All 3 have been DJs for over 10 years and consider scratching to be an integral part of DJ sets. They decided to unite their forces around a project bringing a scenic dimension to electronic music.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Shelton Cooper

Shelton Cooper

Parc Extension

Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, Shelton Cooper is now based in Montreal, Canada since 2005. Shelton has been deeply involved with music production for almost a decade. His first official release was in 2010 on Mile End Records. His music genres range from deep and melodic house to a more upfront and driving techno, taking influences from artists such as Murk, Matthew Herbert, St Germain, Angel Moraes, Dixon, Robert Babicz, amongst many others.

Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Cacti


Notre Dame de Grace

Having made his debut a decade ago, as the official resident DJ of his parents house, CACTI (a.k.a Marc- Andre), climbed the ladder to the biggest stages and events in the electronic music scene in Quebec, Canada. Having notably played at the Ile Soniq & Villa Paradizo festivals (CAN), CACTI has also opened for artists such as Felix Cartal, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, 3LAU, MAKO & Elephante.

Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Truwayz



Truwayz (Carlos Quezada) is a versatile musician & producer who is part of a new generation of artist producers in Montreal. His style, a blend of Electronic and World Music, mixes dance floor ready synths with the soul and movement from his Latin roots.

Creating Moombahton & UK Bass Music, he also combines his own touch to house, Pop and Baile Funk. Being part of numerous live performances as a DJ, he made his first appearance on stage during the early years of the Mural Festival and for many editions of the MEG Festival.

Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Simbasol


Old Port

SIMBASŌL is an electronic music producer, performer, and recording artist from Montreal. Influeced by melodic house & techno, he uses hard-hitting baselines, groovy percussions, & four-dimensional synths to create soulful musical adventures.

Raised by dancing hippies, SIMBASŌL was dancing when he learned to walk. He grew up around the campfire with djembes and harmonicas, and he was exposed to a music-induced lifestyle that later became his passion.

Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Isabel Soto

Isabel Soto

Plateau Mont-Royal

Isabel Soto Isabel Soto is a Venezuelan, Montreal-based Music Producer and DJ. She is a resident of DifferentSound & Arder. She has released music on different VAs, original EPs and an LP on labels such as Dorian, DifferentSound, Diffuse Reality, Second State, Occultech Recordings and Concrete Tbilisi, as well as a remix on Concepto Hipnotico and another one on Dorian.

Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Highlanderz



Highlanderz from Canada, spends half his time in Montréal and the other half in Atlanta. He loves to DJ from Groovey Tech House and Clubby Party Tech House to UK flavored Tech House and House. He produces Tribal Latin Tech House, and Party Tech House. His track “Spanish Fly” reached #27 on the Beatport Hype 100 Charts in May 2022—a competitive chart! His track “Budda Budda” is featured on Afterroom Records first Compilation album out June 11th, a Latin Tech House label from Argentina.

Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Dissembler


Plateau Mont-Royal

Dissembler is a production duo and hybrid live project—the brainchild of Stereo_IMG and Ossifer— specializing in high-powered cerebral techno. Created in 2021 out of a mutual appreciation for innovative production techniques, Dissembler sets feature 100% original (and primarily unreleased) sound material. Keep an eye out for upcoming EPs and performances as they continue to refine their sound and make their name in their adopted home of Montreal and beyond.

Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Jares



Montreal based DJ and Producer, Jares’ inspiration comes from a firm belief that deep progressive sonorities, combined with a detailing beat, can produce an inner state of euphoria and mindfulness. His style blends ethereal, orchestral and progressive sounds that explore the deeper shades of the musical spectrum.

Jares is also part of the arts collective Bonimenteurs and the A&R team of Space Tale Records.

Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist modim


Plateau Mont-Royal

Now based out of Montreal, Quebec, modim (Seth Daniel) was a constant presence in California’s late 1990s early rave scene. He co-founded the San Francisco East Bay experimental electronic collective and record label, Lloopkill Audio. Refusing to commit to the conventional norms of electronic sub-genres, Seth brings a unique sonic voice that contains elements of traditional house/breaks that set the stage for glitchy, fragmented melodic layering.

Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist The Holy

The Holy

Plateau Mont-Royal

Already gathering support from some of the industry’s most respected DJ’s such as Green Velvet, David Guetta, Benny Benassi, Steve Aoki, Meduza and many others, Montreal native The Holy, born Olivier Lamontagne, is quickly ascending to be the city’s next biggest DJ export! His unique avant-garde sound filled with 90’s industrial rave nostalgic undertones scored him gigs alongside acts such as Mall Grab, Franky Rizardo and Sofi Tukker early on in his time as a club DJ.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Vertefeuille


South Shore

Vertefeuille used to produce hip-hop beats two decades ago, then he returned to produce electronic music after the Covid pandemic hit. What started as an experimental future bass/chillstep project ended up as a melodic/progressive house sound. Emotional & chill vibes are on the menu. Check out his latest release at this link!
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Rebel of Sleep

Rebel of Sleep

Notre Dame de Grace

Rebel of Sleep (Loris Pondérant) is a DJ/producer from France who began his journey with electronic music production during lockdown at the start of COVID-19. When the world started to slow down, he felt the urge to learn the fundamentals of musical production to express himself through electronic music.

Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist TSF


Petite Italie

With a deep appreciation of field recording, urbanity waves and sound design, TSF (TomA Sound Factory) is a digital music producer heated by electronic hybridization tinged with Nusoul Trip-hop and Electronica. His music is always an engaging trip through tones and textures. Representing Petite Italie in Montréal, TSF has established himself as sound designer and film composer. Within the label Unlog, which distributes his music, he animates the evenings of electronic musical improvisation with Silicon Beats, an expressive and performative digital artistic collective.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist THRDSQD


Little Italy

THRDSQD produces, records, and performs original electronic music compositions experimenting with plunderphonics, techno and post-digital ambient sonorities.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Feral



Feral is an ambient project by Montreal based visual artist Carlo Vargas. He has a backgrond in sound design and sound engineering. Meditation by Feral
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist FSK1138


Notre Dame de Grace

FSK1138 (Donald Baynes) is a producer and live electronic instrumentalist who defies the conventional boundaries of electronic music. With a captivating presence on platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud, FSK1138 has built a dedicated following of fans eager to embark on a sonic journey into the uncharted realms of experimental electronic music. Armed with an insatiable curiosity and a relentless desire to innovate, FSK1138 fearlessly ventures into unexplored territories, constantly challenging the preconceptions of what electronic music can be.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Markuss


Plateau Mont-Royal

Markuss is a French DJ based in Montreal. Passionate about electronic music since the age of 13 and inspired by his father, he projects his emotions through his music and constantly tries to tell you a story—his story. Based on his cultural journeys and visits through different countries and encounters that inspired him, he strives to tease the dancefloor. en Francais Markuss est un DJ Français installé à Montréal. Passionné de musique électronique depuis l’âge de 13 ans et inspiré par son père, il retranscrit ses émotions à travers sa musique et s’emploie à, constamment, vous raconter une histoire, son histoire.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Noir Rituel

Noir Rituel

Montreal North

Noir Rituel is the project of Canadian composer, musician, and producer Richard Aube. Insomniaque is the second release from Noir Rituel on the hybrid structure label. This album could easily be the soundtrack to a dark 80’s sci-fi,horror flick with its pulsating, electronic beats meshed with gloomy synths fit for a ritual … a black ritual.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Flytz



Flytz is a 19 year old DJ and producer from Trois-Rivières, QC Canada. For three years his style was focused on dubstep. He performed in several rave and festival during this time. In the last year, he has completely changed his style and now focuses on deep house. He integrates jazzy sounds and a minimalist groove. You can listen to his most popular track “If you don’t,” which represents this description well.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Teeto


Place des Arts

TËËTØ is a rising 21 year old producer based in Montreal for the past couple of months. Having performed all over Canada (Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Whistler) his Disco/French house influences are sure to make the whole dancefloor groove. After undergoing a complete change in his sound, his upcoming single coming on NoFace Records is set to make an impact on the music scene in MTL!
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Alcky



Alcky (Matthew Alquisada-Mansoori) discovered his love for electronic music at the age of 17 when he saw Duke Dumont at Osheaga. His journey skyrocketed in Hong Kong in 2021 as he toured throughout the region, which allowed him to gain experience and confidence. His goal is to allow individuals to enjoy his musical style—a mix of melodic techno and afro house—in a way that allows them to interpret and feel it in their own ways.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Kolophane


Mile End

Kolophane (Eve Vaisberg) is a student by day and DJ and producer by night. She dreams of becoming a recognized artist that defends women in the music industry. Her style elevates progressive house and melodic techno by unifying the sparkling energy of electronically synthesized and sampled sounds with harmonious and emotional symphonic instruments. Kolophane has been passionate about music for over 10 years. She has experience playing the piano, cello, and regularly sings.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist TIRISFAL


Plateau Mont-Royal

TIRISFAL is a rising drum and bass producer hailing from the vibrant and ecletic city of Montreal, Canada. His sound is a unique blend of in the box, modern production techniques with analog synthesizers such as the Moog DFAM. Tirisfal made his entry onto the scene with his debut EP released on 79Lives Records and his first sample pack. Keep Tirisfal on your radar: you won’t want to miss his next releases and collaborations!
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Dark Lightz

Dark Lightz


Dark Lightz is a duo consisting of Ben Mancini and Highlanderz. They started working together in 2019 and created the “House Nation” group to host events and festivals, including the Burning Moon festival, which is now in its fourth year in Quebec. Ben Mancini started Mancini records and has been consistantly DJing and playing with international djs like DJ Gaga, Danny Tenaglia, Terry Kelly, and Todd Terry to name a few.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Zaidokhi


Notre Dame de Grace

Robotstyle Records label-boss Zaidokhi always tries to bring his listeners on a spiritual journey. His creative process lies in discovering the beautiful music hidden in the mundane sounds of his environment, hoping to not only explore the depths of his own mind, but also inspire people to shift their perspective and find the beauty all around them. Drawing from melodic house, techno, and afrotech styles, his productions and mixes create a dark and mysterious atmosphere with infectious grooves that drive the dancefloor.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist RetroBlue


Plateau Mont-Royal

RetroBlue (Gavin Bloom) is an emerging Canadian DJ and music producer working his way up and out into the world one extraordinary song at a time. Deep in his studio in Montreal, RetroBlue has his nose to the grindstone. RetroBlue released his debut single ‘City Nights’ in 2017, Which resulted in over 900,000 streams—an excellent result for an independent first release. After being introduced to dubstep by his sister’s ex in 2012, RetroBlue got heavily into electronic music.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Vinny Bombay

Vinny Bombay


Born and raised in Rimouski, Québec, Vinny Bombay made his mark in Montreal and Quebec City’s DJ scene for the last 7 years. Sober for nearly 4 years, he’s known as the Music director and Head DJ for the Warehouse Group, and also resident DJ at Pow Pow Club and Saint-Édouard in Montreal. Also a producer and stage DJ for Pop artist Clodelle, he has produced an array of remixes and original songs available wherever you get your music digitally.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Vigliensoni



Vigliensoni, aka Gabriel Vigliensoni, is a Montréal-based musician and producer. His work is informed by formal musical training and extensive studies in sound recording, music production, new musical interfaces, and music information retrieval. In his work, Vigliensoni explores the different stages of current music production workflows, always transforming the process of making a record into a playing field for experimentation and learning.

Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist softcoresoft


Ville Marie

softcoresoft is an electronic music producer, DJ, and community organizer active since 2015. Her sound blends techno, acid, electro and trance.

She is an alumni of the RBMA Bass Camp Calgary (2019), has two Boiler Room shows under her belt (Toronto and Paris, the latter was not recorded) and a vinyl release on London-based label Lobster Theremin (Otherworlds EP, 2019).

Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist K.eem


Ville Marie

Born in Montréal but raised in Lebanon & Dubai, K.eem is an artist who’s sound is like no other. His deep interest in Techno and Cinematic music naturally steered him to his novel sound. Combining power with sentiment through forceful percussion and alluring melodies, he never fails to deliver masterpieces that will guide you on a dynamic journey.

Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Joseph Crime

Joseph Crime


Born in Beyrouth, Lebanon and now based in Montreal, Canada, Joseph Crime’s passion for music began by accident when his parents signed him up for classical piano lessons. It was only many years later that his love of music evolved from a passion for listening and experiencing into the meticulous art of producing.

Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist 6RAJ


Ville Marie

Raised in the multicultural haven of Toronto, 6RAJ began collecting, curating and mixing diverse dance music at the young age of thirteen. After taking up scholarship in the Netherlands and South Africa, 6RAJ returned to North America with deep dancefloor sets inspired by the sounds of global deep house, melodic techno and afrotech.

Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Youg


Plateau Mont-Royal

Sounds with percussive colors, rhythms at the same time energetic and charged with sensitivity: these are the universe of YOUG. The human and sonic resonances that he carries—and that are dear to him—are felt during each performance as a reminder of these truculent moments. Winner of the Euterke 2021 scholarship as well as the acousmatic music performance competition organized by the Composition Circle of the University of Montreal, and currently a student in digital music at the University of Montreal, he approaches music and sound composition, as well as his LIVE performances, as a great laboratory of research and escape in which Techno and psychedelic music awaken the hidden meanings of sound frequencies.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Claire


Plateau Mont-Royal

Claire is DJ who loves to play, curating the vibe of the moment, transporting listeners to connect more deeply within themselves and others on the dance floor.

She is a musician who captures and manipulates sounds using microphones, field recorders, synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, piano, voice, DIY instruments, and effects pedals, and transforms them into music.

Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist JP Sikias

JP Sikias

Plateau Mont-Royal

JP Sikias was immersed in music since his early childhood: his grandmother plays piano, and his father, who also plays piano, produces film and organizes events, concerts, and shows. JP’s passion for music was initially expressed through piano beginning at 5 years old, playing mostly by ear. This passion lead him to perform 21 piano pieces by memory in a restaurant/bar in 2019 in front of a sold out crowd.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Game Genie Sokolov

Game Genie Sokolov


Game Genie Sokolov, first name Adelaide, is a multifaceted and complex artist, who oscillates between chiptune, synthwave, synthpop, and vaporwave. She is, among other things, a drag queen, gaymers, software engineer, radio host, and music composer. Her music and sounds continually transforms as she evolves in her search for new sounds and her identity.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Astam



ASTAM is a DJ and Producer of house music. He has been producing music and performing in various North American clubs and venues since 2014. Whether he is headlining a small downtown club or supporting a top tier act in a concert venue, ASTAM works relentlessly to bring shivers to music lovers!

Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Dj Sylver

Dj Sylver


DJ Sylver’s first performances on turnables exploded in the 1990’s. This energetic artist made his name on the night scene by spinning in rave events and by popularising electronic music through radio (CJRA). More and more bewitched by rhythm, DJ Sylver is a versatile Montreal musician who defines his art as hard-line raw techno spiced with a propellant beat, a smooth finish, and a spirit of trance and movement. Abandon yourself to a hard house, electro, techno adventure through DJ Sylver’s raw techno creations and ingenious turntables skill.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Dark 909

Dark 909

Chomedy (Laval)

Dark 909 (Alex) is a rising DJ and producer in the techno and house music scene. With a passion for electronic music, he has honed his craft and is building a reputation for his unique sound and high-energy music. He has begun releasing his own original tracks and remixes, characterized by its experimental and raw sound, yet with a focus on creating groovy and melodic beats. Explore his music and keep an eye out for his upcoming gigs and be sure to experience his electrifying sound in person.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist ScuudExclamationMark


Notre Dame de Grace

ScuudExclamationMark is Jérôme E., a french- Canadian multi-instrumentalist that has played music since he was 5. His trajectory is multi-faceted: he began as a drummer in a metal band, became a guitarist-singer in a rock cover band, drummed in a math-rock band, and he is now making Synthwave and Sovietwave on his own. He enjoys blending retro sounds and with warm ambiances. His live performances include light shows and electric guitar.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist SimWou



SimWou (Simon Wouters) started DJing a couple of years ago. He is now focusing on finding his sound and color through music production. He experiments without boundaries and between genres.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Dantronix


Saint Michel

Dantronix is a Cambodian DJ, Producer, and Remixer based in Montreal. Dantronix produces music in multiple genres that vokes different emotions such as power, banger- and hype-vibes, and fun. He has collaborated with many artists in Cambodia and other artists worldwide. He has garnered fans across Southeast Asia who enjoy his unique style. Dantronix is known for his unique style: hard rave. His music will make you feel like you are going to space—your body will move to the beat with energy.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Tolemn


The Village

Tolemn is a Montreal based electronic music duo consisting of Kirk Lau (synths and drum machines), and Michael Filtz (guitar and synths). Both hailing from sun-baked Southern California, their sound conjures bright rays of modern electronica cast onto the expansive snowy landscapes of Montreal post-rock. “Nevada Springs,” their debut EP from 2020, envisioned the hidden realms beneath, within, and beyond civilization. A year later, “Signs Vermillion” emerged—a dark opus ignited by the inferno of California’s 2020 wildfires and pandemic-driven anxieties.