Saint Henri

Saint Henri

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Saint Henri

A French artist of Martinique and Guadeloupean origin, Airon has been immersed in music from a very young age thanks to his musician father. With a rather hip-hop dancehall background, Airon met electronic music in 2015 in a Parisian club. Quickly thereafter, he began to promote and organize parties in the city, which led to the desire to be behind the decks. Influenced by Afro House, Tech House, Afro Tech, Melodic Techno, and Organic House, Airon mixes and produces with the support of friends and the artists he works with.
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Victor Rodriguez

Saint Henri

Victor Rodriguez has quickly become a pivotal figure in the electronic music scene in Canada. Originally from Ottawa, where he performs as a resident DJ for the premier event Deep Therapy, he now holds multiple residencies in Montreal & the Nation’s Capital bringing a world of curiosity and energy through his enticing musical narratives. Victor Rodriguez has played alongside some of the world’s emerging DJ acts & has held notable gigs across Canada, Mexico, Burning Man, and locally at Stereobar, Le Salon Daome, Piknic Elektronic, Igloofest and Guy Laliberté’s nomadic pyramid, PY1.
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Montreal based DJ and Producer, Jares’ inspiration comes from a firm belief that deep progressive sonorities, combined with a detailing beat, can produce an inner state of euphoria and mindfulness. His style blends ethereal, orchestral and progressive sounds that explore the deeper shades of the musical spectrum.

Jares is also part of the arts collective Bonimenteurs and the A&R team of Space Tale Records.