Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Stereo


The Village

Stereo is a nightclub and afterhours club that primarily books melodic & progressive house and techno artists. It is known for its incredible sound system, which is both precise and thunderous. It has one of the best, if not the best sound systems in Montreal. Stereo is a sound temple for many. Some go to Stereo after a night out elsewhere, while others show up at midnight. Some even go to sleep, then wake up in the dusk of the night to show up to dance in Stereo until the sun rises and beyond.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Newspeak


The Village

NEWSPEAK is an electronic music club with a dark and intimate environment. During the pandemic, the venue upgraded its already good sound system to a set of 4 rebuilt Turbosound TFL 760H’s with 6 large subwoofers. Put simply, the sound hits HARD in this venue. Along with the sound, the venue is known for its impressive light system and most importantly, the quality of the artists it books.

Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Datcha


Plateau Mont-Royal

Datcha is a hip, low-lit cocktail bar and electronic music club with a Russian theme, a menu of innovative drinks, dancing, and a beautiful patio in the summer. Come for the exquisite drinks and food (at Kabinet inside) and stay to dance late into the night. If you arrive after 11pm, expect a line—this venue is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. Located in the Plateau, this venue is a must visit for fans of electronic music.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Club Pelicano

Club Pelicano

Ville Marie

Club Pelicano is an intimate elevated neighborhood bar with wine, cocktails, Peruvian-Japanese bites, and a dancefloor that is great for groups. Earlier in the night, Club Pelicano feels like a chic cocktail and wine club with appetizers that are drawn from their restaurant Tiradito. As the evening progresses and the drinks begin flowing, the space slowly transforms into an intimate and classy dancefloor. The décor of this venue is extremely unique: it resembles an abandoned, upscale pool that pays tribute to the Molitor swimming pool in Paris and the abandoned public bath houses of Montreal!
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Barbossa


Plateau Mont-Royal

Barbossa, formerly known as Blizzarts, is a small popular liquor bar and dance floor in the heart of the plateau on the popular St. Laurent street. The venue frequently books excellent DJs with styles that vary between nostalgic and newly remixed disco-house tracks, classic house, techno, and even live jazz on Monday nights. The bar area has some nice, candlelit booths for groups and a nice bar for ordering a variety of drinks.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Velvet


Old Port

After you walk through a long, catacomb cobblestone tunnel, you’ll walk into an intimate and stylish club with an impressive sound and light system. Velvet prides itself for creating a close, sweaty vibe with a mixture of techno, house, electro, and pop music. The building that houses Velvet, the historic Auberge Saint-Gabriel, has been around since 1754. It is one of the oldest buildings in Montreal, and you’ll definitely feel the history as you descend into the catacomb-inspired club.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist La Salon Daomé

La Salon Daomé

Plateau Mont-Royal

La Salon Daomé is loungelike nightclub with a roster of international and local DJs, producers, and live electronic music performers. You can expect to hear new and underground music from well-established and emerging artists alike. Be sure to check the website for events as some nights require advance ticket purchases.

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