Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist Parts Project

Parts Project


Leveraging Samplers, drum machines, synths, and loopers, Parts Project takes a live hardware approach to techno, soundsystem, and breakbeat culture. His sound is raw, warm, and crunchy with a satisfying humanity. Transmitting out of Montreal, Parts Project is always working on the next release and cultivating a constantly changing and evolving live set. See you at the show!
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist No Police

No Police

Plateau Mont-Royal

No Police invites rebellion through art as a fresh face in the Montreal scene. Listening to her hard-hitting and hedonistic track selections definitely hints at her adventurous mind, which highly influences her sound. Her mixing style attests to her curiosity for exploring the depths of the techno, acid, breaks, and trance genres. Through over a decade of consuming electronic music, she discovered artists that share a familiar sentiment of art as a means for collaboration.
Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist modim


Plateau Mont-Royal

Now based out of Montreal, Quebec, modim (Seth Daniel) was a constant presence in California’s late 1990s early rave scene. He co-founded the San Francisco East Bay experimental electronic collective and record label, Lloopkill Audio. Refusing to commit to the conventional norms of electronic sub-genres, Seth brings a unique sonic voice that contains elements of traditional house/breaks that set the stage for glitchy, fragmented melodic layering.

Cropped profile picture of Montreal artist softcoresoft


Ville Marie

softcoresoft is an electronic music producer, DJ, and community organizer active since 2015. Her sound blends techno, acid, electro and trance.

She is an alumni of the RBMA Bass Camp Calgary (2019), has two Boiler Room shows under her belt (Toronto and Paris, the latter was not recorded) and a vinyl release on London-based label Lobster Theremin (Otherworlds EP, 2019).