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Welcome to MTL Electronic Music, a place where we showcase Montréal’s electronic music artists! If you are a Montreal-based artist and would like to have a profile on this website (see all the artists here), please fill out our request form.

We will request the following information:

  • Bio (written in third person, e.g., “Deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman), grew up in….”)
  • Pictures (at least 1 profile picture)
  • Logo (optional)
  • List of subgenres you work in (max of 4, e.g., House, Tech House, Progressive House, Tribal, DnB, Techno, and so forth)
  • Neighborhood in Montréal you’d like to represent (e.g., Plateau Mont-Royal)
  • Your roles (Producer, DJ, Educator, Live Performer, Agent, and so forth)
  • Links separated by line breaks (include your website, Link tree, Instagram, Soundcloud, Facebook, Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, YouTube, Twitter, Beatport, etc.)

We will copyedit your bio. Do not worry if English is a second, third, or fourth language. For examples, see Jares’s profile and Isabel Soto’s profile card below. Note that the profile card shown below only includes a brief summary of your bio; a more complete version is provided on your profile page.

Information on Tags and Roles

The Producer Tag

The Producer tag is given to artists who produce new electronic music. To recieve this tag, it is expected that you have either released music on a respected label, or you have a link (e.g., Soundcloud) where we can listen to your music.

Please note that if you are just starting out in music production or are a new producer, we may not assign you the Producer label until you advance your craft to a higher level. If you have not released it on a label, staff at MTL Electronic Music will listen to your music on a one-to-one basis to determine whether you will be assigned the Producer tag. If you are not assigned the Producer tag but would like to have it, continue to work on your production skills and update us when you release a new track so we can give it a listen and re-evaluate. Please do not be discouraged if you do not recieve the producer label on your first attempt. Producing is very difficult and takes serious dedication and time to improve. We want to highlight the best Montréal producers so that DJs and others can more easily find their music.

The DJ Tag

The DJ tag is assigned to artists that regularly DJ in clubs and events in Montréal. On occassion, we assign this tag to artists that create mixes for podcast or other mediums not reserved to clubs and events in Montréal, but these situations are evaluated on a one-to-one basis. If you do mashups, we consider you to be a DJ, unless the mashup requires extensive manipulation in a production environment (e.g., in a DAW or through analogue hardware).

The Educator Tag

The Educator tag is given to artists that also serve as educators in the scene. To recieve this tag, you must have teaching credentials (e.g., appropriate degrees), experience (e.g., having regularly taught sound design, production, music, and so forth), or be referred by another member. We want visitors to be able to find teachers they can trust. If you would like this tag but do not currently have it, please contact our staff.

The Live Tag

The Live tag is reserved for artists that perform live electronic music . This style of performance varies greatly in scope and could include playing out a set with live amplified instruments, launching clips in Ableton live, using hardware controllers like drum machines, synthesizers, and hardware effects, and much more. The “live” tag is reserved for artists that mix in live aspects into their performance and does not include acts that are associated with DJing. In fringe cases, where a DJ artist uses their tools to create new mashups and music, they will be assigned the “Live” tag. In general, however, DJs recieve the “DJ” tag and not the “Live” tag. The vast majority of artists that play out their produced tracks are tagged with “Producer” and “DJ.”


If you’d like a profile, please fill out this form. We will listen to your music, verify your information, and create a profile for you as soon as possible. If you’ve submitted but haven’t seen your profile in a reasonable amount of time, feel free to contact us on Instagram to inquire about the status of your profile. We look forward to exploring your music!